I just love me ECig…It’s awesome. I never have to smell like an ash tray or smoke again. Keeps the NEW CAR smell of my Car. I Love that. When I ran out of my filters I tried a regular cig and it just didn’t feel or taste right…Never Again…ECig all the way!!! Thank YOU!!!!!…
January 15, 2014

I love E-cigs because they are the best alternative to traditional smoking. When I first started to use E-cigs, I had a problem with the battery life and keeping the flavor after a using it for a while. Although it was cheaper that traditional cigarettes, I was constantly buying cartridges and starter kits at my local corner store; so I figured that I would check on line to see if I can get them cheaper and was perplexed that they were more expensive on line. That was when I GOOGLED E-cigs and found Smokeanywhere.com. Smoke Anywhere is definitely one of the best E-cig on the market. I love the fact that the battery last long and the flavor is consistently fresher compared to other brands. Best of all, they are not trying to empty my wallet and has great deals and customer service; also the shipping is fast and free!!!!!! They also have a great variety of flavors, my only complaint is that I wish that the nicotine strength was great… but I’ll get use to it.
April 13, 2014

The thing I love about the Smokeanywhere e-cig is the throat hit. They call it the “easy drag” and it really is easy… it goes straight to the back of your throat just like a cig would. I use the 16mg tobacco flavor and it even tastes like a cig. I have found the vapor production is steady and doesn’t weaken even after you’ve been using it for awhile. My only complaint is the battery is really heavy. It’s not unpleasant, but it feels a little awkward after using lighter e-cigs.
April 19, 2014

I smoked cigarettes for 26 years and never believed I could quit. A friend gave me an electronic cigarette as a gift and I never smoked again. I have used your product (www.SmokeAnywhere.com) since June 2010 and I love it! I have no desire to smoke cigarettes, I don’t cough at all, I am the healthiest I have ever been, and I’m saving a ton of money! I recommend your product to every smoker I know. It’s a miracle to me and likely saved my life. It absolutely drastically improved the quality of my life. Thank you.
CJ Watertown, NY
February 07, 2012

Nursing Home Rescue!
Yes thank you it arrived safely.
I got it for my partner who had a stroke just after Christmas last year and is now in a nursing which home which as with most places these days is none smoking.
As he is also blind and unable to walk so his one little pleasure was having a smoke which I took him outside for every day but I started to worry about the cold weather, then a worker from Leonard Cheshire (outreach services ) suggested the electronic cigarette so I did some research on the internet and your product stood out.
I showed your information to the Matron and she agreed that he would be allowed to use it when I went up.
He has taken to it well so I will say thank you.
Yours faithfully
Mary W.
David for (M.W.)
January 03, 2012

After 4+ years of great service & great rapport with RICK…I think I’m in love with him.
May 08, 2015

After weeks of researching just about all of the brands of vapor cigarettes on this top 20 ratings list, I have gone back and forth with my buying decision, and now I think I have come full circle and traversed my decision back to Smoke Anywhere. Overall, this starter kit seems to give you the most for your money even though it is higher priced than most. The annual savings are more and the quality seems to be superior. I’m looking for a long term solutions and this seems to be it.
10 April 2014