I’ve never received anything but polite and positive responses whenever I’ve had a problem with my SmokeAnywhere products. Rick has been far and above anyone who is in a service position, bar none. For some reason, I’ve had numerous and strange problems with some of the products but Rick has always come through and been most generous, polite and honest when dealing on a problem I’m having. I highly recommend him and the support I’ve gotten from him. As a result, I would never change to another product and when people ask me which e-cig I use, I always tell them about SmokeAnywhere but mostly about the excellent service I’ve had from Rick. I hope the company has some type of award for people of Rick’s quality because he deserves to be recognized. In this day and age it is especially rare to find someone with the quality of service you will get from Rick. He represents his work in the highest quality that could be expected. It almost makes you wonder if he’s for real, but I assure you, he is.

Thanks, Rick, for all you’ve done to resolve any problems, large or small, that I’ve had.

Flo Thompson

Sept 14, 2015

I purchased “another” brand, from a Mall Kiosk. It was absolutely inadequate. They offer NO return policy beyond a replacement.
SmokeAnywhere’s NJoy is by far a superior product, albeit, the cartridges are NOT the equivalent of a full pack of cigarettes. The vaporizer is larger and the product itself is far superior to the others I’ve seen.
Thanks, I’ve cut my smoking by half and am currently moving downward on almost a daily basis. While I know electronic cigarettes are yet to be recognized as an alternative to smoking of an actual “Stop Smoking” product (YET!) It certainly has helped me cut down and the intensity of the “mist” more than supplants the need to smoke.
“I find Smokeanywhere a most productive purchase”
March 15, 2015

Overall: Customer service is awesome. Called to order and lost my “vaping virginity” soon after when my kit came in the mail. Loved everything about the the smoke anywhere ecig and even though I use a couple different kinds of e-cigs now, I still use my old faithful SmokeAnywhere ecig!
April 14, 2014

Jo Carol Garrett of Clarksville AR has been smoking since 11 grade, since about the age 17. Currently she is 63 years old and after smoking 2 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day for 17 years has finally found the relief she has been hoping for. Since trying our electronic cigarette she has not smoked one cigarette on over 8 weeks and plans to never go back to tobacco products again. Jo has truly found the answer to her 46 year old habit.

In Jo Carol Garrett’s own words:
Today (2/23/09) is week 11 without a “real smoking” cigarette and I am so thankful. I’m 63 years old and have smoked since I was about 18 years old. I have had to soak and wash all my linens to get the tobacco smell out – I had no idea the smell was so strong.
It is with pride that I am around people, much less doctors, and no longer smell like a smoking, on fire, lit, cigarette!!! I no longer need an ashtray, I no longer have to buy cigarette lighters, mints and perfume to try and cover the “smoke” smell. I feel so free.
Our state, just like the federal government, passed a law increasing tobacco tax which will take effect next month but that no longer is a worry of mine! I use the “long pen sized one” at home because I like the “fake” smoke but around friends I prefer to use the short cigarette looking one because it looks more “real”.
I can now keep my grandchildren and send them and their clothes home without them smelling like a lit cigarette!
J.W. Oregon
November 30, 2011

Great site,… clean approach, user friendly and most important super product line of electronic cigarettes…
January 12, 2012

I have used several different kinds of electronic cigarettes, and I have found Smoke Anywhere the most reliable, customer friendly, and long lasting. I would recommend Smoke Anywhere to any one who really wants to either cut down on their smoking or quit all together. I had to quit and use nicotine free cartridges when I had neck surgery because nicotine apparently contributes to disc degeneration, and i was very pleased with the product. I will continue to use them!
Donna H.
January 13, 2012

I was extremely impressed by the customer service of SmokeAnywhere.com. I submit a comment and request and didn’t really expect any response but the company addressed my concerns and were very kind. I would choose this company as my vendor again and again. The quality of the product is awesome and it doesn’t come with that unnecessary, heavy cigarette taste like Blue does.
Bridgette Rue
September 07 2013

Long time smoker, thought the electronic cigarette was a “joke” until I tried smokeanywhere.com’s Duo Kit. One word… WOW! I will never go back to tobacco cigarettes again. Why would I? All the nicotine I crave, without the tar, tobacco & what I mostly don’t miss… the smell.
Thanks for your great product and super fast service.
R. Benson – TX
Rodger Benson
August 06, 2013

Gaah! I can’t wait for mine to come… I got the ultimate stater kit and decided if I’m gonna splurge and get the best I might as well get the one day shipping and like others on here I’m an occasional smoker and while I only have maybe 2 sometimes 3 cigarettes when I’m out with my friends, I still wanted to feel better about what I’m putting in my body and I’ve yet to find a review on these bad boys that has anything negative to say about them…. I’m literally so excited about my e-Cig!
August 14, 2013

You know I discovered that people who smoke, stink, including myself. I had no idea that after smoking cigarettes for so long that your nose really stops working. After I gave them up and started using the Ecig I realized just how bad my clothes smelled, my breath, my house and car etc. I wish I had known before now how bad it was for people to be around me.
April 07, 2014