Smoking Ban Limits Smokers Rights

Electronic cigarettes, commonly know as;

Electronic Cigarette


E Cigarette

Smokeless Cigarettes

Vapor Cigarettes

With an ever increasing demand for the ban on tobacco products and smoking in public places, there existed a need to find an alternative for smokers to smoke freely anywhere. The fear of passive smoking cultivates a sense of hatred towards people smoking in public places and they are often looked upon as a menace to the society as a whole. A widely new found accepted solution to this problem is the electronic cigarette that not only gives you a feeling of smoking a real cigarette, but provides you the needed nicotine without many of the harmful components found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Although one could use the electronic cigarette (Ecig) to reduce their nicotine intake, it is not intended as or marketed as, a smoking cessation device.

The electronic cigarette was invented about 9 years and in the past 9 years it has helped a lot of people ride themselves of tobacco use while still providing the needed nicotine as fulfilled through traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is highly addictive and should not be used by anyone other adult smokers. The electronic cigarette is accepted legally virtually everywhere and hence you need not worry about breaking the laws when you use it in most cases, even if used in a non-smoking area. This device looks like an actual cigarette with a nicotine cartridge, small rechargeable battery with a LED (Light Emitting Diode) light at the tip which gives it a glowing effect similar to that of a traditional flamed cigarette. When you inhale an electronic cigarette it actually emits a water vapor that contains nicotine, without the harmful substances otherwise found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. The vapor that is emitted from electronic cigarettes has a tobacco like flavor that will provide the smoker with a sense of smoking a real cigarette. The usual cancer causing harmful elements that are contained in traditional tobacco cigarettes like tar, tobacco, glue, additives and hydrocarbons are not present in the electronic cigarette which makes it a safer option for its users. Since it does not contain tobacco, has no smoke or burn, it is considered virtually legal everywhere and you can be smoked almost anywhere, be it your office, workplace or even out in public places.

The cartridges that are a part of this cigarette are changeable and they come in a variety of flavors including menthol, strawberry, vanilla, etc. They also come in different nicotine strengths including high, medium, low and even zero depending upon the need of the person using it. It is recommended to match the strength of the nicotine level of the electronic cigarette with the strength of the actual tobacco cigarette smoking. At a time when many people have been trying various methods of trying to cut back or quit tobacco products including medication, nicotine patches, chewing gums or other alter effort methoda, the electronic cigarette has been considered a safe and better alternative. The nicotine patches or chewing gums do not actually gives you a feeling of having smoked a cigarette and this is the primary reason why people do not often succeed in changing their smoking habits by these means. Smoking an electronic cigarette will not only satisfy ones nicotine craving to smoke cigarettes, but will offer the hand to mouth habit as well as the vapor sensation and saves you a money in the long run. Today’s market is flooded with a range of brands to choose from and each brand has its own identity. Although the initial investment might seem to be a little high, the cost of using an electronic cigarette is quite cheap when compared to traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette (e-cig) not only saves you money, it also eliminates second hand smoke, unnecessary health risks related to tobacco products, helps prevent fires and also helps to saves the environment from pollution and prevents passive smoking concerns.

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