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Electronic Cigarette In Review – Thu, Mar 1, 2009
Smokeless Cigarette / Vapor Cigarette / E-Cig
Marvelous New Ecig – Smoke Them Anywhere, Anytime

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There is a marvelous new ecig now available for purchase. This revolutionary designed ecig is a product that offers smokers a choice over that of the classic tobacco cigarettes. These cigarettes give you the freedom to electronically light up anywhere and at anytime. They do not emit any second hand smoke, carbon monoxide or tar that is found in classic tobacco cigarettes. This product contains absolutely no tobacco or the other 4000+ harmful chemicals that are in traditional tobacco products. Since they do not emit smoke, there is no danger of second hand smoke being inhaled by others.

This marvelous new ecig is equipped with a lithium rechargeable battery and a compartment that houses a small liquid nicotine cartridge. The electric circuits in the ecig work to vaporize the liquid nicotine so that it can be inhaled by the user. The cartridges are available in many different strengths and flavors. The traditional flavors of regular tobacco and menthol are the most popular. For those with an adventurous taste, flavors are available in strawberry, cherry, vanilla, orange, mint, caramel and chocolate. Whatever your flavor choice, you are guaranteed to enjoy the pleasures of smoking without worrying about the health risks related to tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash or the other 4000+ chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The marvelous new ecig provides your with only the nicotine you need and desire and all without the 4,000+ chemicals that are in classic tobacco cigarettes. Your teeth will not turn yellow and you will not get smoker’s breath from using ecigs. Your clothes and home will not smell like cigarette smoke. You won’t have step outside of a restaurant or bar so that you can have a cigarette. And, you will never have to search for an ashtray again.

Another benefit of the marvelous new ecig is that it costs much less than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The rechargeable battery lets you use it over and over again. The only thing you need to do is to replace the cartridges when they are empty. A pack of cartridges is much less expensive than a carton of cigarettes and they last a lot longer. You’ll notice the savings in your wallet immediately. Ecigs are safe to operate because there is no flame involved in lighting them and the potential of fires caused by lite cigarettes is non-existant. The ecig does not burn or get hot making it impossible to catch another object on fire. These ecigs do not harm the environment because they do not emit carbon dioxide that contributes to air pollution. The marvelous new ecig is a wiser and cost effective alternative to smoking class tobacco cigarettes.



NO Tobacco
NO Tar or Smoke
NO Carbon Monoxide
NO Flame, Fire, Ash, Smell
NO Bad Breath or Yellow Teeth