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Mini / NPRO Style Starter Kit - "Cigarette Like Size"
Mini / NPRO Style Cartridges "Cigarette Like Size"
NCIG Style Starter Kit "Long BIC-Pen Like Size"
NCIG Style Cartridges "Long BIC-Pen Like Size"
Batteries Mini & NPRO Style
Batteries NCIG Cigarette Style
Batteries Cigar Style
Chargers Mini & NPRO Style
Chargers Cigarette Style
Chargers Cigar Style
Atomizer Mini & Npro Style
Atomizer NCIG Style (Pen Like Size)
Accessories NPRO/Mini, NCIG & Super Mini
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Mini & Npro "DUO Atomized Cartridge" Regular - Low
Mini & Npro Quantity in Basket: None
Sale Price: $17.99
Retail Price: 24.99

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1 Atomized Cartridge Pack "1-Piece Design"
Low Nicotine Regular Flavor
(5 Total Cartridges)

These "Atomized" Cartridges are a one piece construction
design, combining a atomizer and cartridge in one.
Each time you replace your cartridge you will be
replacing the atomizer as well.
Each cartridge yield is equivalent to 1.5 to 2 packs
of traditional cigarettes.
These Fused Cartridges Will Last 3 Times Longer Than
The Standard Cargridge

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